About Us

Who We Are

We found in 2013. We started as a sales rep. association company. We specialized in selling laboratory supplies to the local laboratories. After 3 years, we started to represent 25 manufacturers to sell their products directly to our major customers. With those years experience, we found that most of the profits were taken away by the retailers. 

We committed to bring the manufacturers directly to the consumers. We can eliminate the unnecessary expenses built upon the consumers. Aknien commits to bring all affordable medical products to all citizens in United States of America.

Our Mission

Aknien is the platform helping all the sellers (manufacturers) to post and promote their products effectively and directly to buyers (consumers). We try to eliminate all the middle men's margin and cut down the costs of every products. Aknien mark up 15% to pay for its overhead expenses. All costs are the cost of goods plus the shipping freight including the import tariff if it is applied. 

All buyers will be guaranteed not pay extra.

Aknien is found in 2013 after the economic crisis hit upon U.S.A. Aknien continued its survival to bring the medical or clinical laboratory supplies to the people who still need medical care no matter when or what happening to the country. Aknien held its commitment to connect between the suppliers and buyers then reduced the unnecessary expenses. Aknien knew the difficulty of people who were suffering the economic crisis. The cost saving medical products were critical to ensure all humanity affordable to the medical care.

Aknien since 2019 has continued its second time mission to help all citizens getting through the Covid19 pandemic together. We promise the lowest cost and expenses from the manufacturers to our consumers whose medical care shall not be taken away.

Aknien highly appreciate all its staffs and proudly introduce everyone of them to our country. 

In God We Believe, Bless American Safe and Healthy. 

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